The Use of Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places

05/19/2012 12:45


Ever since the smoking ban has been instated in many civilized countries around the world, smokers have been forced to either give up their nasty habit or enjoy their cigs outside. Fortunately, now they have another alternative – the electronic cigarette.


But just how ok is it to use e-cigarettes in public places? If you believe most suppliers, their products can be used anywhere from restaurants and bars to work offices and even on planers. That sounds great, but it’s only partly true. When they were first introduced, e-cigarettes were indeed free to use wherever, since they were advertised as harmless vaporizers which contained none of the harmful substances found in tobacco.

For years, vapers have been using their electronic cigarettes in public spaces without any consequences. If anyone complained, all you had to do was explain your cigarette was actually a harmless electronic device that produces odorless vapor that is nothing like tobacco smoke. And if that didn’t work you could just tell them vaping was legal in public places and get it over with. But things have gotten a bit more complicate in the last few years.


As the status of e-cigarettes became more and more controversial, so did the issue of using them in public places. The simple fact that their long term effects on the human body are still unknown has convinced many states to ban their use in certain venues. Others have gone as far as to ban them completely, and many more are debating if they should take the same measure. Lately, their have been talks about banning e-cigarettes on airplanes, and news about people being arrested for not turning off their e-cigs while in an airplane.


You may still be free to use your electronic cigarette in public places, but no one knows for sure how long things are going to remain like this. The fact is, these innovative devices could actually be completely banned tomorrow.