Study Finds E-Cigarettes May Hurt Your Lungs

09/08/2012 21:29


A recent e-cigarette study conducted by researchers from the University of Athens has indicated that contrary to popular belief, e-cigarettes might not be harmless after all. The results of the study do show that vaping could be harmful to the lungs.

As a part of the study, researchers recruited a total of 32 people – eight of whom had never smoked before. The remaining 24 smokers consisted of 11 who had normal lung function and 13 suffering from asthma or obstructive pulmonary disease. Each subject of the e-cigarette study was required to vape for 10 minutes, while researchers used a series of tests to measure airway resistance. The results couldn’t have been clearer – for each of the subjects, vaping caused an immediate increase in airway resistance, in at least one of the tests.

The researchers from Greece believe this to be a clear indication of the fact that e-cigarettes can cause immediate harm to the human system. The long-term effects are still unclear, and more research would throw light on that aspect. Study author Christina Gratziou presented the findings of this e-cigarette study at the European Respiratory Society’s Annual Congress in Vienna on the 2nd of September.

Several smokers are switching to vaping and e-cigarettes as a ‘healthier alternative’. Mainly because e-cigs do not contain tobacco, many believe that the health risks of smoking can be completely avoided by switching to these devices. While the fact remains that e-cigarettes contain nicotine – a highly addictive substance - in many instances they are sold as ‘harmless addictions’, similar to caffeine.

Does vaping have any lasting, long-term negative effects on human health? We will just have to wait for results from more studies conducted around the world. Meanwhile, here’s some good news: another recent e-cigarette study conducted at Boston University School of Public Health reported that the devices do help people quit the deadly habit of tobacco smoking – much better than any other nicotine replacement product does.