Is Customer Service Important When Dealing with E-Cigarettes?

05/19/2012 12:52

Despite their controversial status, electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular, and brands are trying their best to attract as many clients as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by offering really good customer service.


Unfortunately, many times, companies are so concerned with getting as many new customers as possible, at any costs that they forget about the ones they already convinced. A lot of them make all sorts of claims concerning warranty and guaranteed refunds, but when it comes to backing them up, they act really unprofessional. On the other hand, there are brands that have a really good connection with the entire vaping community. For example, you won’t find a single SmokeTip review that doesn’t mention their stellar customer service.

One could say customer service is important in any kind of business, and they’d be right, but when dealing with a product that depends on a good constant relationship between client and supplier, it becomes even more so. In order to have a personal vaporizer working properly, the user has to make sure each component is in good condition and that he has plenty of e-liquid. All these come from e-cigarette suppliers, of course. So their ability to keep customers happy is crucial for business.


Just like any other electronic device, e-cigarettes components break down and have to be replaced. Whether it’s batteries, atomizers or cartomizers, vapers need their parts replaced as soon as possible, so they can get their nicotine fix as soon as possible, so a customer service able to satisfy their needs puts the entire company before the competition.

So when buying an electronic cigarette, it’s always wise to check what kind of reputation a brand has with the community, before spending your hard earned cash on their products.