How do You Use a Vaping Passthrough?

05/29/2012 23:06


One of the main inconveniences of using electronic cigarettes is they run out of battery when you least expect it. But what if you didn’t always have to rely on battery power.

Because people don’t like having to charge their e-cigarettes every day, manufacturers came up with a simple solution to this problem, called a vaping passthrough. But what is a passthrough, exactly? The term is used in a various areas of life, but as far as vaping goes, it’s simply an electronic cigarette that can be connected to a power supply and used without having to worry about batteries running out.

This very useful e-cig mod can be used anywhere, from your own home to the work office, provided you can spare a USB port. All you have to do is plug the passthrough into your computer, screw a new cartomizer onto it and just enjoy the vapor. It’s the perfect way to conserve battery power and still be able to enjoy your favorite flavors wherever you are.

Not all passthroughs are exactly the same. Some connect directly to the atomizer and allow you to use the e-cigarette only when it’s attached to the power source, while others connect to the battery, allowing you to recharge while still vaping. Obviously, the second version is much better, but the type you get depends a lot on the brand you choose.

So basically passthroughs are what you’re supposed to use if you want to conserve batteries for when you’re on the go. They connect to power sources via USB ports and are even known to provide more power than the actual batteries, thus producing considerably more vapor.