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Study Finds E-Cigarettes May Hurt Your Lungs

09/08/2012 21:29
  A recent e-cigarette study conducted by researchers from the University of Athens has indicated that contrary to popular belief, e-cigarettes might not be harmless after all. The results of the study do show that vaping could be harmful to the lungs. As a part of the study, researchers...

How do You Use a Vaping Passthrough?

05/29/2012 23:06
  One of the main inconveniences of using electronic cigarettes is they run out of battery when you least expect it. But what if you didn’t always have to rely on battery power. Because people don’t like having to charge their e-cigarettes every day, manufacturers came up with a simple...

Is Customer Service Important When Dealing with E-Cigarettes?

05/19/2012 12:52
Despite their controversial status, electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular, and brands are trying their best to attract as many clients as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by offering really good customer service.   Unfortunately, many times, companies are so...

The Use of Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places

05/19/2012 12:45
  Ever since the smoking ban has been instated in many civilized countries around the world, smokers have been forced to either give up their nasty habit or enjoy their cigs outside. Fortunately, now they have another alternative – the electronic cigarette.   But just how ok is it...

How to Choose Your First Electronic Cigarette

03/07/2012 00:00
No matter what people say, choosing that very first electronic cigarette can be pretty tough, especially if you're not familiar with notions like battery life, vapor volume, starter kit, etc. Luckily, we're her to guide your first steps in the magical world of vapor.   Some premium...
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