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Study Finds E-Cigarettes May Hurt Your Lungs

09/08/2012 21:29


A recent e-cigarette study conducted by researchers from the University of Athens has indicated that contrary to popular belief, e-cigarettes might not be harmless after all. The results of the study do show that vaping could be harmful to the lungs.

As a part of the study, researchers recruited a total of 32 people – eight of whom had never smoked before. The remaining 24 smokers consisted of 11 who had normal lung function and 13 suffering from asthma or obstructive pulmonary disease. Each subject of the e-cigarette study was required to vape for 10 minutes, while researchers used a series of tests to measure airway resistance. The results couldn’t have been clearer – for each of the subjects, vaping caused an immediate increase in airway resistance, in at least one of the tests.

The researchers from Greece believe this to be a clear indication of the fact that e-cigarettes can cause immediate harm to the human system. The long-term effects are still unclear, and more research would throw light on that aspect. Study author Christina Gratziou presented the findings of this e-cigarette study at the European Respiratory Society’s Annual Congress in Vienna on the 2nd of September.

Several smokers are switching to vaping and e-cigarettes as a ‘healthier alternative’. Mainly because e-cigs do not contain tobacco, many believe that the health risks of smoking can be completely avoided by switching to these devices. While the fact remains that e-cigarettes contain nicotine – a highly addictive substance - in many instances they are sold as ‘harmless addictions’, similar to caffeine.

Does vaping have any lasting, long-term negative effects on human health? We will just have to wait for results from more studies conducted around the world. Meanwhile, here’s some good news: another recent e-cigarette study conducted at Boston University School of Public Health reported that the devices do help people quit the deadly habit of tobacco smoking – much better than any other nicotine replacement product does. 

How do You Use a Vaping Passthrough?

05/29/2012 23:06


One of the main inconveniences of using electronic cigarettes is they run out of battery when you least expect it. But what if you didn’t always have to rely on battery power.

Because people don’t like having to charge their e-cigarettes every day, manufacturers came up with a simple solution to this problem, called a vaping passthrough. But what is a passthrough, exactly? The term is used in a various areas of life, but as far as vaping goes, it’s simply an electronic cigarette that can be connected to a power supply and used without having to worry about batteries running out.

This very useful e-cig mod can be used anywhere, from your own home to the work office, provided you can spare a USB port. All you have to do is plug the passthrough into your computer, screw a new cartomizer onto it and just enjoy the vapor. It’s the perfect way to conserve battery power and still be able to enjoy your favorite flavors wherever you are.

Not all passthroughs are exactly the same. Some connect directly to the atomizer and allow you to use the e-cigarette only when it’s attached to the power source, while others connect to the battery, allowing you to recharge while still vaping. Obviously, the second version is much better, but the type you get depends a lot on the brand you choose.

So basically passthroughs are what you’re supposed to use if you want to conserve batteries for when you’re on the go. They connect to power sources via USB ports and are even known to provide more power than the actual batteries, thus producing considerably more vapor.

Is Customer Service Important When Dealing with E-Cigarettes?

05/19/2012 12:52

Despite their controversial status, electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular, and brands are trying their best to attract as many clients as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by offering really good customer service.


Unfortunately, many times, companies are so concerned with getting as many new customers as possible, at any costs that they forget about the ones they already convinced. A lot of them make all sorts of claims concerning warranty and guaranteed refunds, but when it comes to backing them up, they act really unprofessional. On the other hand, there are brands that have a really good connection with the entire vaping community. For example, you won’t find a single SmokeTip review that doesn’t mention their stellar customer service.

One could say customer service is important in any kind of business, and they’d be right, but when dealing with a product that depends on a good constant relationship between client and supplier, it becomes even more so. In order to have a personal vaporizer working properly, the user has to make sure each component is in good condition and that he has plenty of e-liquid. All these come from e-cigarette suppliers, of course. So their ability to keep customers happy is crucial for business.


Just like any other electronic device, e-cigarettes components break down and have to be replaced. Whether it’s batteries, atomizers or cartomizers, vapers need their parts replaced as soon as possible, so they can get their nicotine fix as soon as possible, so a customer service able to satisfy their needs puts the entire company before the competition.

So when buying an electronic cigarette, it’s always wise to check what kind of reputation a brand has with the community, before spending your hard earned cash on their products.

The Use of Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places

05/19/2012 12:45


Ever since the smoking ban has been instated in many civilized countries around the world, smokers have been forced to either give up their nasty habit or enjoy their cigs outside. Fortunately, now they have another alternative – the electronic cigarette.


But just how ok is it to use e-cigarettes in public places? If you believe most suppliers, their products can be used anywhere from restaurants and bars to work offices and even on planers. That sounds great, but it’s only partly true. When they were first introduced, e-cigarettes were indeed free to use wherever, since they were advertised as harmless vaporizers which contained none of the harmful substances found in tobacco.

For years, vapers have been using their electronic cigarettes in public spaces without any consequences. If anyone complained, all you had to do was explain your cigarette was actually a harmless electronic device that produces odorless vapor that is nothing like tobacco smoke. And if that didn’t work you could just tell them vaping was legal in public places and get it over with. But things have gotten a bit more complicate in the last few years.


As the status of e-cigarettes became more and more controversial, so did the issue of using them in public places. The simple fact that their long term effects on the human body are still unknown has convinced many states to ban their use in certain venues. Others have gone as far as to ban them completely, and many more are debating if they should take the same measure. Lately, their have been talks about banning e-cigarettes on airplanes, and news about people being arrested for not turning off their e-cigs while in an airplane.


You may still be free to use your electronic cigarette in public places, but no one knows for sure how long things are going to remain like this. The fact is, these innovative devices could actually be completely banned tomorrow. 

How to Choose Your First Electronic Cigarette

03/07/2012 00:00

No matter what people say, choosing that very first electronic cigarette can be pretty tough, especially if you're not familiar with notions like battery life, vapor volume, starter kit, etc. Luckily, we're her to guide your first steps in the magical world of vapor.


Some premium brands offer their clients the chance to purchase a diposable e-cigarette, to see if the particlural product is worth the considerable investment into a proper starter kit. But most companies will just feed you a lot of marketing bull in order to hook you in and take your hard earned money. I'm not saying their e-cigs aren't worth it, it's just that many times they exagerate with all the benefits they list on their official sites. That's why it's a good idea to check out some objective sources, in order to make the best decision.

One thing you can do is check out some honest electronic cigarette reviews. There are plenty of sites featuring both written and video reviews of personal vaporizers, you just have to figure out which ones are legit and which are only in it for the money. Many of them get a commission for each sale made from their site, which is perfectly ok, as long as they offer unbiased advice to theri readers. You can usually tell when a site is trying to trick you into buying the wrong products, because they list the most expensive products at the top of their rankings.


Another smart thing to do whould be to familiarize yourself with the terminology used on the vaping scene. Start with the components, thinngs like cartomizer, atomizer, cut-off time, USB passthrough, etc. They might sound a little intimidating at first, but trust me on this, getting to know all these things about electronic cigarettes will just help you get the most out of them. Before you know it, you'll be using this kind of words every day, talking to fellow vapers and explaining how e-cigarettes work to your friends.


Finally, you have to decide what kind of vaporizer you are looking for. If you used to smoke several packs of analogs a day, then a simple slim e-cig just won't do the trick. In this case you should go for a bulkier model, like the eGo. It's got a considerably larger battery than standard electronic cigarettes and can hold a lot more e-liquid. The downside is it's a pretty big device, so using it in public could draw unwanted attention. But if you don't mind questions like "what's that in your mouth?" you can use it prettu much anywhere. If you want something that looks and feels like a real cigarette, I suggest you try something smaller, even though you'll probably go through at least two batteries a day.


There are a lot of things to consider when buying your first e-cigarette, but the most important thing is not to let that intimidate you. Take it slow, and you'll soon be vaping like a pro.